Making a Difference

Socks’n Undies is supported 100% by volunteers. Join the Volunteer
Team today and make a difference in your community by giving just a
few hours of your time.

All donations go directly to people who are in need. And by working closely
with its partners, Socks’n Undies collect items that are needed most and then
distributes them quickly and efficiently.



The program receives donated socks, underwear, T-shirts, pajamas and
toiletries from individuals, families, businesses, and religious and community

Socks’n Undies tracks all donations and distributions, and reports its
progress to supporters regularly. Join our e-community and receive
quarterly program updates and information about special events,



Monetary donations are used to purchase undergarments and toiletries
for clients.


Socks’n Undies continues to improve the impact and reach of its
mission by:

  • Leveraging its purchasing power by creating strategic partnerships with retailers and manufacturers;
  • seeking grants and gifts.

For example, the program works with retailers to buy items in bulk and benefit
from deep discounts. It also seeks in-kind donations, like toothbrushes and
toothpaste tubes from local dentists, and the cases of personal hygiene
items a donated by a Chicago drugstore representative.


Success Stories

  • Over 50,000 pairs of socks, underwear, T-Shirts, and pajamas have been delivered to people in need. That means 15,000 people received clean undergarments and toiletries.
  • Socks’n Undies Sunday started in Chicago, and is now in New York!



Client and Volunteer Testimonials


Meet our team

As a wife, mother, grandmother and retired nurse, I’ve been fortunate enough to serve those suffering from homelessness and poverty for forty years. From the elderly to young children, clean underwear delivers not only cleanliness, but warmth and caring. I have seen the delight on a mother’s face when her child gets new socks and a shy smile from an elderly woman when given new undergarments. I know that this small donation of Socks’n Undies means so very much.

– Terry M

For our first family mission with Socks’n Undies we filled a church van with donated underwear and socks from the Our Saviour’s and delivered thousands of items to Hurricane Katrina evacuees living in Biloxi.


Seeing first hand how clean socks and underwear were so valued and necessary made us more aware of people in need and how we could help. We were hooked! Since then, we volunteer as a family at the PADS shelter and distribute Socks’n Undies to our clients. The program also lets us reach people beyond our church and shelter program.


Through this experience, our family has received so much more than we have given: a stronger faith, family, and so many new friendships!

– The Galle Family

This simple act is about people helping people. We have so much to give to people that have so little and who truly appreciate the comfort and basic dignity we can help provide. Socks' n Undies is a powerful idea that anyone can be part of.

– Jake S


Meet our clients

It rained yesterday and I was soaking wet when I came to the shelter. It’s nice to come out of the shower fresh and clean and put on new socks and underwear. Thank you.

Male Client - Ben

Nothing compares to clean underwear.

Male Client - Tony

As a woman, clean underwear and socks make all the difference. I appreciate it.

Female Client - Connie